At 12 years old, Keenan was handed his first shotgun and was told, “here it is son. Use it if you have to.” By the time Keenan was 35, he’d bounced in and out of the Texas Prison system like a yo-yo. With a whole lot of money, and not a whole lot of anything else, Keenan had an encounter with God that would forever change his life.

Today, Keenan is an entrepreneur  and motivational speaker with a passion for business and ultimately, a passion for souls. Through partnerships with various organizations around the country, Keenan has become a well respected speaker bringing encouragement to those who’ve lost hope.

A real world success-story, Keenan brings the message of Christ to men everywhere, encouraging them to stand up for something much bigger than themselves. To look beyond their situation and circumstance, and to see a brighter future, with brighter options and hope.